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This piece began with three colors. I was walking my dog and chatting with my mom about my day, telling her I didn't have any ideas for what to paint. I asked her for three colors - a dark, medium, and a light. I started this practice of asking for 3 colors years ago when I would talk to my grandmother. She loved talking about color - not just for painting, but in everything. She would interrupt you mid-sentence to draw your attention to the color of the underside of a leaf, flecks of turquoise in a stone, the pink of a favorite shirt. Color was a big deal. So, I'd ask her for three colors and base a painting on whatever she told me. So, this piece began with the three colors: dark purple, turquoise, and light yellow. My first association was morning glories when my mom told me these colors. Turquoise didn't come through so much in this piece, but that's okay.

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