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A New Day

This piece, which I titled "Bringing in a New Day" developed in a way I didn't expect. I chose this subject because I could not resist painting those wings. It is an Osprey hunting, based on a photograph by my talented friend, Thomas Tully, who graciously lets me use and abuse his photographic work for references. It reminds me of the kind of bird that would go on top of a trophy.

Many times I start a painting with a hyper-focus on one element (the wings, in this case) and a total lack of thought about how rest of the painting should be. I pick colors by instinct, and what developed was a soft yellow sky - maybe its the morning, maybe the evening (?), and a purple sea. The piece as a whole ended up looking powerful, yet dreamy. My dream for this piece is that this Osprey is ushering in a new day that is softer, brighter, and more peaceful.

These pictures show the progression of the piece from when I mapped it out with just a few colors. I included some pics showing detail as the piece became more refined

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