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Bow-Edison, WA


I spent 3 days in Bow, WA painting a mural on the side of this 60ft  horse barn located at 15694 Field Rd., Bow, WA.

I had total artistic freedom, although I was told by the lovely owners of the property that the mural should be bright and happy!


Day 1

The wood slats had old, peeling paint that had to be scraped and primed. 

The budget was extremely small, so I picked up gallons of random returned paint from some hardware stores. (Oops paint!)


Day 2

Bow has rich ties to agriculture and is full of wide open flat spaces.   I used geometric shapes for the background of the running horses to mirror how the landscape is partitioned into different crops.


Day 3

The colors used are inspired by the shifting light reflected in the sky and fields.  The wide expanses of flat farmland in the region glow brightly with the changing light. 

Chinatown - International District/ 2020

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